Picado triplo – ALESSANDRO PENEZZI Video Lesson


The VIOLAB MASTERS LAB series brings together some of the main names of Brazilian guitar with dynamic and well-explained lessons. In this video lesson, Alessandro Penezzi presents the technique of 3-finger picking or triple picking, which originates from the tremolo, a technique well known in the world of classical guitar. In a very practical way, Alessandro Penezzi shows the movement of his fingers, revealing one of his secrets regarding the use of the triple picking: the support. This technique can be used both on 6-string guitar and on 7-string models. During various exercises, the student/user will learn movements that aim to strengthen the fingers, train the speed, until reaching a triple picking with dynamics and punch. Together with the video lesson, the didactic material in PDF brings different series and variations, including examples that aim to coordinate the movements of the left hand and the right hand. Certainly, the teaching methods and examples of triple picking in this video lesson by Alessandro Penezzi will greatly help improving your skills as a guitar player.

This video lesson covers triple picking techniques from the beginner to the advanced level, covering all types of guitar players.

Once you purchase this video lesson by Alessandro Penezzi about triple picking, you will also receive a PDF teaching material with exercises and the theoretical part of this video lesson.


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