Samba punch for guitar – DOUGLAS LORA Video Lesson

The VIOLAB MASTERS LAB series brings together some of the main names of Brazilian guitar in dynamic and well-explained lessons. In this video lesson Douglas Lora teaches the secrets of the samba punch for guitar, perhaps the best gateway to the vast Brazilian rhythmic universe, as it contains fundamental elements that are present in most rhythms – syncopation and polyrhythm performed between bass and treble string. In practice, Douglas Lora shows several examples, all very recurrent in the repertoire of samba and choro, which make the understanding of the subject more organic. In addition, Douglas still reveals a technique widely used in his style: a short and subtle streak, which makes this video lesson a unique opportunity to meet and learn from his much-appreciated musicality.This video lesson covers techniques of kinds of samba for guitar from the beginner to the advanced level, covering all types of guitar players.Once you purchase this video lesson by Douglas Lora about the samba style for guitar, you will also receive a PDF teaching material with exercises and the theoretical part of this video lesson.




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