Harmonics – BADI ASSAD Video Lesson

Violab’s MASTERS LAB series brings together some of the main names of Brazilian guitar in dynamic and well-explained lessons. In this video lesson Badi Assad talks about harmonics, what they are, how and where they are formed in the neck of the guitar. In addition, Badi Assad proposes exercises to practice techniques on how to extract natural harmonics and a wide variety of ways to produce artificial harmonics with different combinations between the fingers of the right hand. These techniques provide surprising results by mixing conventional and harmonic notes in the generation of accompaniments, compositions and/or arrangements. The harmonics used with the amplitude demonstrated by Badi Assad add to the guitar a character far beyond the conventional not only by radically expanding the possibilities of the instrument, but also by promoting unexpected and modern rhythmic results.
Badi Assad and its harmonics are an incentive to explore the borders of conventional guitar.
This video lesson covers harmonic techniques from the beginner to the advanced level, covering all types of guitar players.
Once you purchase this video lesson by Badi Assad on harmonics, you will also receive a PDF teaching material with exercises and the theoretical part of this video lesson.



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