Articulation – CHICO PINHEIRO Video Lesson

Violab’s MASTERS LAB series brings together some of the main names of Brazilian guitar in dynamic and very explanatory lessons. In this video lesson Chico Pinheiro talks about Articulation and its impact on the approach of horizontal typing for guitar. Articulation is one of the factors responsible for the uniformity of the execution of the musical phrasing. When we compare music with the universe of spoken language, the musical articulation behaves in the same way as a specific “accent”. In this video lesson, Chico Pinheiro talks about some types of articulation such as legato, non-legato, staccato and portato. In addition, Chico Pinheiro proposes exercises to practice articulation techniques, presenting a direct relationship with thinking by positions and the typing of scales on the neck of the guitar. Chico Pinheiro’s musicality is strongly structured in these techniques and his secrets are explained in this unmissable lesson.
This video lesson covers articulation techniques from the beginner to the advanced level, covering all types of guitar players.
Once you purchase this video lesson by Chico Pinheiro about the articulations, you will also receive a didactic material in PDF with exercises and the theoretical part of this video lesson.



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