Aquidistantes 17 - Diego Salvetti and Carlos Walter

Carlos Walter, is a “mineiro” from Uberaba and besides being a virtuoso, he is perhaps the most restless among guitar enthusiasts.
The Italian Diego Salvatti living in Brazil, residing in Maringá, already known from the Aquidistantes project, combines talent as a composer with a seemingly limitless technical resourcefulness.
This performance of “Balneário” (composition by Diego,) is innovative, not only in the musical aspect, but also in the technological aspect. Carlos Walter uses a different instrument, with several timbre features and ergonomic adjustments. Diego uses a hybrid guitar, with 8 strings and structural elements that mix the classical, folk and flamenco tradition of guitar construction.
For these reasons and for the result itself, this is Aquidistantes that – more than two musicians – brings the partnership of music with innovation.

The instruments:

“The guitar used by Carlos Walter was built by the Brazilian luthier Gianfranco Fiorini with the collaboration of guitarists Aliéksey Vianna and Carlos Walter, it has Swiss electronics from Paradis Guitars by Matthias Grob and Rolf Spuler (in memoriam) and several innovations that will be presented soon in a series of official launch actions, for example, at 10am on 4/17/21 (Brasília time) an online chat will be broadcast on Youtube about the news of this instrument with the presence of the developers at the 3rd Sons of the City – Belo Horizonte Guitar Show. Wait, following them on their social networks. “

Diego Salvetti’s guitar was made by Rodolfo Cucculelli. It is an 8-string flamenco cutway guitar with pegs. Pine top, cypress bottom and sides, cedar neck and ebony scale.

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